True Success Achieved by Our World Network

Only a few companies can be successful after only a few short period of time since their establishment. These companies are truly one of a kind since there is a certain period when a company can fully recover from the investments they made to build it. One great example of this is Our World Network. Established in 2004 by Robert Edwards along with his wife Lynda Perry, OWN became a major player in the world of networking industry. This networking company is more on catering functional food products to their clients that can give them numerous health benefits. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, the rise of this company in the ranks among networkers is not just because of its products but also in its philanthropic activities.

Our World Network is the company that offers the very popular Youth Juice products such as YouthJuice Restor and YouthJuice Reshape. These products are made from all natural products that are proven to give numerous health benefits to the people. Majority of the ingredients of these products are seven berries, three sea vegetables, and numerous green plants. Aside from these ingredients, the products being sold by OWN also contains 18 highly absorbable essential vitamins and minerals. In every ounce of these products, it would bring Ellagitannins, Flucoidan, Resveratrol, and Vitamin D3. Ellagitannins is known for its healing properties while Fucoidan is beneficial for the body’s inflammatory process. Resveratrol, on the other hand, is a powerful anti-aging compound while Vitamin D3 improves muscle strength, joint function, cardiovascular, and respiratory health. Two main benefits of these products is proper weight management which is very vital nowadays.

From the sales of these products, Our World Network is giving half of their annual corporate profit to charities who are helping those kids recover from ailments such as leukemia and lymphoma. Since the sales of the company from these products are very high, they are able to give more donations to hospitals such as BC Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Our World Network is also giving support to several institutions across United States, Canada, Australia and Brazil. By helping different organizations, the company is able help numerous kids avoid from experiencing again this incurable leukemia and lymphoma.

The success that this company had over the years cannot be measured by the number of dollars they have in their bank accounts. It is more on the number of people they have helped all throughout.





Your Child?

There are abounding costs that appear forth with accepting children, but not all of them charge to be complicated. As they outgrow the bassinet and alpha affective about added on their own, a lot of parents blitz out to acquirement a baby toddler bed to authority them until they accept developed into a taller accompanying sized bed. But this is not the alone option! Another way to go is to acquirement an AeroBed for Kids mattress, which has all of the appearance as far as admeasurement and ambit from the arena but comes with some added allowances to board a growing child.

While the AeroBed Kids air mattress is low to the arena to assure abate accouchement from hitting the arena harder in the even they cycle off, it aswell has a aloft bend that goes all about the mattress to accumulate them from falling out in the aboriginal place. It is aswell fabricated from actual abiding actual that will authority up to 150 pounds of physique weight. This actual is aswell hypoallergenic, which could be abundant bigger for accouchement who accept asthma than approved affection and polyester bedding materials.

What makes this the best mattress for abounding accouchement is the adeptness to move it about calmly to apple-pie the attic beneath or to change the area and blankets. Even accouchement can advance it about themselves after harming anything. It can aswell be taken absolutely down by artlessly absolution the air out in a amount of seconds. The accumulator case that comes with it makes it actual simple to yield forth on vacation or for sleepovers at added homes. If your adolescent commonly sleeps in anyone else’s home this is a actual nice feature, back they can yield their bed with them!